The 4 Personality Types and Dancing

The 4 Personality Types and Dancing

Did you know that according to science, the majority of the population fit into four different personality segments? You could be more of a driver, expressive, analytical or amiable person or a combination of a few.
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The same principles apply to your child! Every child has a unique personality that makes them who they are and often can dictate what dance style they gravitate to the most and find their passion in.

At Ettingshausens, we have a wide variety of classes available for different ages, interests and ability levels. If you're introducing your child to dance and are feeling a bit stuck on what they might like, take a look at our handy guide below.

1. Driver: Outgoing, fierce and competitive

Does your child love the spotlight? Or maybe they love a challenge and a bit of friendly competition?

Competition classes could be the perfect fit. Ettingshausens competition classes allow students to participate in eisteddfods throughout the year where they compete against other dance schools. Ettingshausens offers a variety of competition classes including jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and more. Check them out here.

2. EXPRESSIVE: Emotive and dramatic

Kids who are expressive and are in touch with their emotions, really find their passion in lyrical, contemporary and ballet styles. The foundations of these styles are centred in knowing and trusting yourself and expressing yourself through movement.

Musical theatre, acting and singing are also really popular with these students. Acting is all about being able to express different emotions through different characters, so students with an expressive personality excel in these classes.

3. ANALYTICAL: The high achiever

Does your child excel at school? Do they love to study and achieve? These students really find their niche in graded dance exams. At Ettingshausens we cover the RAD ballet syllabus and Glenn Wood Tap syllabuses with exams and grading each year. Additionally at Ettingshausens we also have a variety of Martial Arts disciplines that are based on grading systems.

4. Amiable: Relaxed and fun

For kids who are just love to dance for some fun and aren’t interested in the competitive side of things, our recreational classes are a perfect fit! With so many styles to choose from including jazz, tap, musical theatre, hip hop and more, students can enjoy dancing without any pressure of upcoming performances or competitions.